It all started, ironically, with a Facebook message.

I was talking to one of my most successful students/customers (and now extremely good friend) Renae Christine about Facebook ads.

And quite frankly, I was freakin’ frustrated. 

We have been running Facebook ads for many years (since 2011) and have had so many ups and downs I might as well call it Facebook Roller Coaster Ads. Up and down. Up and down.

Meaning, we get it dialed in (sometimes after many months of hard work) and then what was working yesterday…stops working.

Or Facebook changes all the rules, algorithms and magic potions and your old strategies go out the ole window.

Or costs fly through the roof and turn everything upside down.


And then…you utter those scary, scary words: Facebook ads just don’t work!

When in reality, nothing is further from the truth. Facebook ads DO work when they are:

-Done correctly.

-Done in a way that works RIGHT NOW (not 3 years ago).

Anyway…I was venting to Renae about how just nothing seemed to be working well. Costs were up. Frustrations were up. I was fed up.

Also, it seemed EVERY SINGLE PERSON teaching Facebook ads out there was teaching it in the exact same way (get ready for something familiar):

  1. Find “one good audience” (your perfect audience)
  2. Show that audience a really good ad.

Meaning one audience . One ad (and you can do more over time).

This is like the, err, 2 Commandments of FB ads. It’s how “everyone” teaches it.

So I simply asked, Renae…what do you think? How are your Facebook ads going?

Honestly, I was expecting it just to be a pout fest.

Renae would complain about the same things and we could share our frustrations across the Internet from St. Louis (me) to Connecticut (her).

And it certainly started that way. She mentioned ALLLLL the things causing mischief in Facebook ads world. Competition. Rising costs. Changes. Etc.

As I was about to let out an Internet-sigh….she said something I was not expecting:

“But, I figured out a better way.”

Honestly, I was skeptical. Surreeeeeeee Renae. You mean you figured out something that is different AND working?

A better way?

A  better mousetrap for Facebook ads that is working right now?

Sure. Uh-huh.

But then Renae started sharing some stats with me (Renae loves her stats…and as they say the proof is in the pudding…errr…stats):

“Made $13,862 just while testing the system for the first 60 days.

After testing the system I tested scaling with the system for 60 days and made $163,241.

Since implementing, testing and scaling since June 2017, I’ve made $638,881.50 in a little over 6 months.

On track to make 7 figures with this system leading 95% of my traffic.”

Now if you don’t know Renae, one thing you should know is she is a straight-shooter. I mean a beyond-a-straight shooter. If something sucks, she will tell you it sucks. It something rocks, she will tell you it rocks.

Those figures above? Those are REAL dollars collected. Not projected or anything like that.

She doesn’t pull punches. She isn’t afraid of hard work. And she is full of ZERO BS.

And somehow, everything she touches turns to gold (or um, platinum). That’s because she has built a 7-figure business from the ground up (literally from scratch and going from $3,000 in sales to just just $2,000,000 in annual sales in less than three years and is known as the “Queen of all things Handmade Business” as she teaches stay-at-home-moms how to create/market a successful handmade business).

I was intrigued.

And when Renae reiterated what she was doing was DIFFERENT than what all the gurus (yuck hate that word) were teaching…I just knew we had to try it.

What did we have to lose?

In the fast moving business world, you have to be constantly kept up to date, learning and implementing what is working NOW (otherwise you will be left in the dust…scary yet true).

Because Renae assured me that she wasn’t a special unicorn. She just figured it out. It could be applied to pretty much any online business.

So, I said…teach me oh blonde one. Teach me!

And she did.

Renae broke down the entire system into actionable step-by-step pieces that we could implement.

Was it easy? Nope. It took hard work following the steps, but we had the exact blueprint in terms of what to do…we just had to follow it and do it.

Were there times where we were frustrated? Sure! But I remember talking with my team and saying, “We are going to do EXACTLY what Renae says. If Renae says we have to create an ad with a puppy sitting on a toilet…we are going to do it. EXACTLY. To a T.”

So what happened?

We came out of the gates after setting up the system and already have 16 sales (at $997 or more each) in the bank in the first 30 days.

And we are now scaling up to absolutely dominate this month and the sky is the limit.

I remember being at the computer when I saw the first sale come in (the first day we started the ads) and I texted Lindsey from my team and said…”Seriously…did we already make our first sale using the Renae system?!?!” (and yes I use lots of punctuation in texts).

After we have continued to see sales flood in, I reached out to Renae and sheepishly asked… would she mind doing a workshop to teach this exact FB machine?

Meaning…can I steal Renae to show YOU how to do this all step-by-step?

Show you the system that is working RIGHT NOW (not in 2013 but NOW) for FB ads?

Well the good news is…she said yes (otherwise this would be super anti climatic…am I right?)

Introducing the Millionaire FB Ad Machine.

What’s working NOW to create profitable Facebook ads.

join us and learn…

  • What’s working right now in Facebook’s ad algorithms.
  • A proven, duplicatable, step by step formula to set up your Facebook ads to work like a money making machine.
  • How Renae uses this formula to bring in 15,000 New leads and $80k each month on evergreen (and the rookie mistake that made Renae pay Facebook $1,000 per email lead).
  • Step by step timeline implementation to get your Facebook Ad Machine running within 90 days.
  • Renae’s favorite Facebook ad software that does 90% of the work for her.
  • What you will need to farm out to assistants if you don’t want to do the last 10% of work.
  • What to pay attention to so you can scale even more
  • BONUS! Live Q&A

PLUS SPECIAL BONUS: Millionaire Facebook Ad Machine Toolkit. Inside are cheat sheets, copy and paste text docs, diagrams, the Ultimate Millionaire Facebook Ad Machine Map and more.

LIVE Training

LIVE February 15th at 11 AM eastern (10 AM Central, 8 AM pacific).

Lifetime Access to the Recordings

Watch whenever, wherever

HUGE Q&A Session
Millionaire Facebook Ad Machine Toolkit

cheat sheets, swipe copy, diagrams, the UMFAM Map and more!

Renae will be teaching this system LIVE with me on February 15th at 11 AM eastern (10 AM Central, 8 AM pacific).

This is a one-time live much-more-than-a-workshop (it’s a step-by-step system) and if you can’t make it live/want to watch again (and again and again and again and again)…no worries we will send you lifetime access to the recording.

how much does it cost?

and what to do next…

Spots are extremely limited for this training. Registration will close before the workshop begins on the 15th (and when it closes…it closes. No latecomers, even if you send me a new softball bat in the mail) .

You probably know this, but worth saying anyway: This training SHOULD cost thousands (or should not be taught at all as Renae could keep the secrets to herself). Just think of what it can do for your business…imagine eliminating the frustration that comes with creating Facebook ads that actually work, and knowing that you are going to have success. And learning a step-by-freakin-step system you can follow and implement based on what is working RIGHT NOW that you can set yourself up for long term success (not a “quick fix”).

We wanted to make this accessible, yet only for serious people, so here is what we are doing:

One-time payment $197

This includes:

  • Your seat at the LIVE workshop (February 15th at 11AM eastern, 10AM central, 8AM pacific)
  • Lifetime access to the recordings
  • Bonuses and downloads
  • A virtual high-five / hug from Renae & DSG

Now is the time. Register up and let’s get this FB ads party started!

The FB Ad Machine



LIVE Feb 15 - lifetime access to the recordings

-Your seat at the LIVE workshop (February 15th at 11 AM eastern, 10 AM Central, 8 AM pacific).

-Lifetime access to the recordings

-Bonuses and downloads

-A virtual high-five/hug from Renae/DSG

Now is the time. Register up and let’s get this Facebook ads party started.

Register NOW

Got questions?

We have answers!

Is there a guarantee/refund policy?

As mentioned (about 200 times) this training is for serious peeps only that are willing to put in the time and effort to be successful. If you attend the LIVE session on February 15th and are unhappy for whatever reason send us an email before 11:59 PM central on Thursday, February 15th and you will receive a full refund.

What sort of ad budget is required to implement this system? In other words, will it work by starting out with 10's of ads vs 1000’s?

So, you will want to follow the system exactly as it is; however, you can start as small as you want and scale up as high as you want (Renae will show you). The minimum is about $45/month to get started (bare minimum).

How long will the workshop be?

Approximately 2 hours (and don’t worry we will build in a couple bathroom breaks). You will walk away with a complete step-by-step system to implement. And as long as you register before the deadline (the deadline to register is February 14th at 11:59 PM pacific), you will get lifetime access to the recording and all downloads so you can go at your speed and watch it as many times as you like.

What if I can’t make it live?

While live is amazing (nothing replaces a killer live learning environment) absolutely zero worries if you can’t make it live. As long as you register before the deadline (11:59 PM Pacific on February 14th) you will get LIFETIME access to the recording so you can watch it (again and again and again and again) and implement on your own time.


Can I pay via PayPal? Credit Card?

Yes and Yes! On the order form you can pay via PayPal or credit card.